30 Eylül 2011 Cuma

Is online our new page with first videoclips, "Historical cumshots"

Like all film genres also porn has its own history. Today, the quality of the scenes is better thanks to technological innovations. The digital and the internet have played their part. What has not changed is the talent of the artists, today as yesterday, because despite being mistreated, hardcore film carries a large load of pure art. Unlike other genres, the quality of a porn film is given by the skill of the actors, there are no special effects and what happens is all true. The artistic level of a cumshot remains the same over the years. In this new session we introduce some artists of the past that have contributed to the art of sex movie. Why sex is an art and is the only art in the world that puts everyone agrees. Our new page, which as always found in the links to your right, called "Historical cumshots", and is already online with the first videoclips

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