27 Ocak 2014 Pazartesi

We play baseball with Angelina Valentine and Bridgette B.

The porn is american as "trick or treat", apple pie and baseball. The main difference is that porn often reinterprets, rereads and desecrates those that are symbols of american culture and other cultures around the world. We mentioned baseball, the sport that more than any other has marked the history of the United States of America, delivering unforgettable pages of sports, unique characters and unique emotions. We hope , therefore, that none of the baseball purists get angry if today we offer in our blog our vision of this sport. To take the field in a makeshift "diamond" are two spectacular boobstars like Angelina Valentine and Bridgette B. (given that the latter is spanish we can consider her a foreign player in test). Probably in baseball both have a lot to learn but in a different kind of sport they have definitely excelled skills. Amateur players but great artists of sex, admire Angelina and Bridgette together in this beautiful video by "Brazzers" taken from the series "Bit Tits in Sports" ...

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