2 Şubat 2015 Pazartesi

Angel Dark, another incredible anal performance from "Anal Fanatic"

When you have a passion, it is normal to become attached to anything related to this passion. We love porn and therefore there will always be in our hearts the wonderful artists who have helped to make unique this cinematic genre. So no worries for the fans of our eight godmothers, eight divas who have had the great merit in 2011 to inspire this blog. For them there will always be space in our pages. Today is the turn of Angel Dark, we are always happy when we show something of this wonderful slovak artist although she left the set from a few years. She is one of those divas whose performances continue to be an integral part of new compilations released recently. We obviously when a great artist leaves the set, we always hope in a prompt return, especially if she's a pure talent like that of our Angel. In this post we see her in "Anal Fanatic", Angel Dark is the protagonist of an exceptional anal performance in what that in 2010 was the first film of the series released by Elegant Angel ...

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