5 Şubat 2015 Perşembe

Superslut of the week: Melanie Memphis

I am here again, just for you, in the first post of the second section that I have the pleasure to cure. This will be a weekly basis, in fact, the theme is "Superslut of the week". Mike asked me to choose and comment a video, a performance by an actress who appears in my eyes so unleashed and uninhibited. The word "slut" for us is not bad, even me and Lisa love sex and if for this reason we are two "sluts", then we are happy to be called in this way.
The superslut this week is an hungarian actress, active in the hardcore industry from 2010 to 2013. She is Melanie Memphis and is a great pity that she left the set because this young and lovely girl is simply outstanding in her performances.

The scene is from "Adventures on the lust boat 4", a film by Private Gold from 2012, and takes place in the laundry room of the ship where Melanie goes to deposit the dirty sheets in the washing machine. Among the main features of many porn scenes there is always the look of a girl who is definitely not suitable for the location and so Melanie with her short black dress worn without underwear and with her heels, makes the simple act of deposit linens in a gesture of extreme erotic charge. Meanwhile enter in the laundry room two handsome men, interpreted by Antonio Ross and Marcio Gonzales. Their attentions towards Melanie are now very hot and what's not sorry to our "superslut". They start to touch, kiss and lick her and after she begin to work Marcio’s cock with her mouth. Naturally Antonio wants his ration and so Melanie kneels and starts in a beautiful double blowjob. The scene not have a moment's pause. Melanie fucks and sucks in alternate way her partners in doggy-style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and then performs a perfect double penetration. The two guys go again to alternate in her ass and mouth, she shows great skill in anal sex and "deepthroat". Then again a DP, this time in doggy-style. Original the final sequence, when the two guys do enter Melanie into the washing machine and wash her face with a beautiful double cumshot (with swallow). The scene seems over, instead our Melanie is made out of her unusual location. Using their hands, Antonio and Marcio do enjoy Melanie and after this, release her into the great clothes hamper. This scene did me go out of my mind, I think that will be the same also for you ...

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